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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

 We have leagues and tournaments for teams of all ability levels.


Slow Pitch Softball Leagues:  Sign up for the April 24 Session (Teams can choose 10 to 32 games) at the Rec Sports Complex.

  • Monday              Men's Intermediate                    Coed Intermediate
  • Tuesday             Men's Rec and Intermediate      Coed Rec, Coed Rec with 7 guys & 3 girls
  • Wednesday        Men's Inter and Above Average Coed Rec and Intermediate
  • Thursday            Men's Rec and Intermediate      Coed Rec and intermediate
  • Sunday night      Men's Rec and Intermediate

Beach Volleyball Leagues:  Sign up for the April 24 Session (Double Headers) at the Rec Sports Complex.

  • Monday              Coed 4’s A, A/B, and B
  • Tuesday             Coed 4’s B, B/C and C
  • Wednesday        Women’s  4’s A, B, and C
  • Thursday            Coed 4’s A, B, and C
  • Sunday night      Coed 2’s A, Coed 2’s B, and Coed 4’s B/C

Indoor Volleyball Leagues:  Sign up for the February 28 session (Double Headers) at New Branches School.

  • Monday             Coed 4’s B
  • Tuesday            Coed 4's A/B
  • Wednesday       Coed 4’s A/B
  • Thursday           Coed 4's A

3 on 3 Indoor Basketball Leagues:  Sign up for the February 27 session at Grace Christian University.

  • Monday Leagues for different ability levels.
  • Teams can choose 2 games or 3 games each Monday night.


Individual Player Sign Ups:  

3 on 3 Basketball:  $65 for 12 games

Indoor Volleyball:  $70 per player for 36 games (6 weeks). Let us know nights you're available and ability level.

Payment Options

  1. Download the Cash App on your phone and send payment by debit card to
  2. Download the Venmo app on your phone and send payment to @Clark-VerHulst; lst foru of phone is 2255
  3. If you use PayPal, please pay as a friend to or add 3% if you don’t pay as a friend. How to pay as a friend on Paypal.
    1. Go to the PayPal site
    2. Click on Money
    3. Click on Send or Request money
    4. Click Send to Friends and Family
    5. Input

Rec Sports is on Facebook:

Join the sofball, volleyball, and basketball groups to get the latest information on cancellations, schedule updates, and registration deadlines.

Twitter @recsportsonline Click on the Twitter icon located on the top left of each page to follow us.  

Take pictures and share them with us on the Rec Sports Softball. Volleyball, or Basketball pages or at

Cancellation Info:

Is posted on the website and the weather number (222-5010) at 4:45 during the softball and beach volleyball seasons.  Please refresh your computer for updates. 



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