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2020 September Tuesday Coed 4's at Rec Sports Complex

Team NumberTeamNameCoach/CaptainW-L-T  Win %
1Busch Light BeachesColten Kropf8-10-0  .444
2BuffumAmanda Buffum11-7-0  .611
3Sand BlastersBrian Faley10-8-0  .556
4How I Set Your MotherRebekah West8-10-0  .444
5Take a HitAmber Decker2-16-0  .111
6Win or BoozeJim Walsh14-4-0  .778
7LGGerrit Rozeboom Jr.6-12-0  .333
8FordChris Ford12-6-0  .667
9Haus Hunters, Inc.Keenan Pfotenhauer18-0-0  1.000
10Block PartyElise Hieshetter1-17-0  .056
1Vs.2@6:00 PMCourt#11-2
3Vs.4@6:00 PMCourt#23-0
5Vs.6@6:00 PMCourt#31-2
7Vs.8@6:00 PMCourt#41-2
9Vs.10@6:50 PMCourt#13-0
1Vs.6@6:50 PMCourt#20-3
2Vs.4@6:50 PMCourt#33-0
5Vs.8@6:50 PMCourt#41-2
3Vs.9@7:40 PMCourt#10-3
7Vs.10@7:40 PMCourt#22-1
1Vs.4@6:00 PMCourt#11-2
2Vs.9@6:00 PMCourt#20-3
3Vs.6@6:00 PMCourt#31-2
5Vs.7@6:00 PMCourt#40-3
8Vs.10@6:50 PMCourt#13-0
1Vs.5@6:50 PMCourt#23-0
2Vs.3@6:50 PMCourt#33-0
7Vs.9@6:50 PMCourt#40-3
6Vs.10@7:40 PMCourt#13-0
4Vs.8@7:40 PMCourt#20-3
1Vs.7@6:00 PMCourt#13-0
2Vs.6@6:00 PMCourt#22-1
3Vs.10@6:00 PMCourt#33-0
4Vs.5@6:00 PMCourt#43-0
8Vs.9@6:50 PMCourt#10-3
6Vs.7@6:50 PMCourt#23-0
4Vs.10@6:50 PMCourt#33-0
3Vs.5@6:50 PMCourt#43-0
2Vs.8@7:40 PMCourt#11-2
1Vs.9@7:40 PMCourt#20-3

October 20:  Playoffs

6:00 5th place (Sand Blasters) vs. 4th place (Buffum) Court 1

6:00 2nd place (Win or Booze) vs. 3rd place (Ford) Court 2

6:00 9th place (Take a Hit) vs. 10 place (Block Party) Court 3

6:00 7th place (Busch Light Beaches) vs. 8th place (LG) Court 4

6:50 Winner of 4th place vs. 1st place (Haus Hunters, Inc) Court 1

6:50 Winner of 9th place vs. 6th place (How I Set Your Mother) Court 3

6:50 Loser of 4th place vs. loser of 2nd place Court 2

6:50 Loser of 9th place vs. Loser of 7th place Court 4

7:40 Championship Winner of 1st place vs. winner of 4th place Court 1

7:40 Championship Winner of 6th place vs. winner of 7th place Court 2

7:40 Courts available for any team that needs a 2nd match

last modified on 10/15/2020

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