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Players looking for a team
(last 12 months)
if you want your name removed add a site suggestion

Player NameGenderPhone NumberEmail AddressBest TimeSkill LevelDays AvailableSportDate Added
JASON R DYKMANM6169145571JASON.DYKMAN@GMAIL.COMAnyIntermediateThursday Friday Softball6/7/2019 9:53:56 PM
Christine CandiaF6163757895chrissi730@aol.comAnyAdvancedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Softball5/30/2019 3:01:32 AM
Rick RusthovenM616-516-4520rustyclan5@gmail.comAfter 6:00pmIntermediateTuesday Volleyball5/21/2019 10:33:33 AM
Rick RusthovenM616-516-54520Rustyclan5@gmail.comEvening after 6:00IntermediateTuesday Volleyball5/20/2019 7:49:04 PM
Joe MaherM(815)236-3402jomah878@gmail.comBefore 8pmAdvancedThursday Softball5/17/2019 4:02:34 PM
Steve AdellaM616-291-3183sabch7732@gmail.comanytimeIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Softball5/15/2019 10:50:55 AM
John GM6163094888johngonda@yahoo.comanyAdvancedTuesday Wednesday Friday Softball4/24/2019 4:37:00 PM
Mark LautersM616 822 6138Mslauters@yahoo.comAnytimeAdvancedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Softball4/23/2019 6:40:03 PM
Austin ChalmersM6167889435achalms2121@gmail.comText, or leave voicemail if no answerAdvancedMonday Wednesday Thursday Softball4/9/2019 11:52:04 AM
Adam C MorelandM6362265456acmbp7@gmail.comAfternoon/eveningIntermediateMonday Softball4/5/2019 6:21:59 PM
Ryan JonesM708-546-8122wrj0003@gmail.comAnytimeIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Basketball3/28/2019 10:56:44 AM
Ryan JonesM708-546-8122wrj0003@gmail.comAnytimeAdvancedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Softball3/28/2019 10:56:14 AM
Amanda BuffumF616-337-3689amandabuffum@gmail.comAny timeIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Volleyball3/27/2019 4:32:37 PM
Jason BM2486785299jrballou@gmail.comANYIntermediateMonday Tuesday Thursday Volleyball3/23/2019 12:30:25 PM
Jason BM2486785299jrjballou@gmail.comANYIntermediateMonday Tuesday Thursday Softball3/23/2019 12:29:22 PM
Kyle J AdvancedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Volleyball3/20/2019 2:05:57 AM
Lauren WestermanF2698081115Laurenewesterman@gmail.comAfternoon/eveningAdvancedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday Volleyball3/18/2019 11:52:12 AM
Lauren WestermanF2698081115Laurenewesterman@gmail.comAfternoon/eveningBeginner Softball3/18/2019 11:51:36 AM
frank schafferM6165588583 anytimeBeginnerMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Softball3/14/2019 9:35:35 AM
Justin Vander WoudeM6165580463vandeju2@mail.gvsu.eduI have me and 3 ladies that would like to playBeginnerTuesday Softball3/13/2019 10:18:00 AM
JimM8109232539Jimwalsh285@gmail.comAnyIntermediateMonday Tuesday Thursday Volleyball2/25/2019 6:19:28 PM
Matt FalveM616-430-7020136 Pin Oak Drive Coopersville, Mi 49404Evening, text is way betterIntermediateThursday Friday Softball2/6/2019 2:04:49 PM
K JeltemaF760-500-7190yoshi_kio@yahoo.comAfternoon or eveningIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Volleyball11/22/2018 6:10:52 PM
AngelaF8105888771  IntermediateMonday Tuesday Volleyball11/2/2018 9:57:55 AM
Sy TranM616-666-4862trans3@ferris.eduText or emailAdvancedMonday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Volleyball10/21/2018 10:51:54 PM
Chelsey MolagF6164274883molagc@mail.gvsu.eduAnytime IntermediateMonday Friday Volleyball10/15/2018 2:52:41 PM
Kyle MorrisonM6163079840morrisonkl91@gmail.comafter 5PMAdvancedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Basketball10/9/2018 6:41:33 PM
Dennis Hacker M(616) 799-5230dnnshacker@yahoo.comAny timeIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Football10/5/2018 8:53:41 PM
JASON JOHNSONM6162726890BLASTER2345@GMAIL.COM BeginnerMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Softball9/18/2018 10:48:49 AM
Michael FosterM3135251696fosterseniordesign@gmail.com9:00 am - 1:00 pmIntermediateSaturday Football8/26/2018 12:27:27 PM
Damien ArthurM2693660548dmanarthur@gmail.comAfter 3 PMAdvancedTuesday Softball8/20/2018 3:07:41 PM
GaryM616-540-2051 AnyIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Volleyball8/18/2018 8:39:18 AM
James WalshM8109232539jimwalsh285@gmail.comanyIntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Volleyball8/14/2018 3:16:35 PM
Shawn GarskeM6166960096  IntermediateTuesday Wednesday Friday Softball7/18/2018 12:49:30 PM
Erica IntermediateMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Volleyball6/28/2018 1:51:24 PM

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