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Build your own team!

If you are willing to make a few phone calls, you can find a few players or form your own team.  Individual players can sign up on our website.

Go to

1.      On the Red Bar to the left click on Need a Team/Player.

2.      On the top of the next screen click on the link View Players Looking For A Team.

3.      Scroll through the list

The individual players are generally good players because they are willing to play with people they don’t even know.  These players are usually very willing to pay their share of the entry fee.

Recommendation:  You can use our fields for a free practice on a Saturday or Sunday.  Invite a number of players and then choose which players are the best fit for your team. 


Softball:  George VanderHyde is a great contact.  He can be called at 887-7659 or email him at    George runs Softball Scrambles on Saturday’s in April, May and in the fall.  Softball Scrambles cost $10 for 3 games of softball.  It’s a great way to meet players. 


Volleyball:  Kim Nesky is a great contact.  Kim runs our indoor program and she supervises in our outdoor program.  She knows a lot of volleyball players and may be able to help you network.  Kim’s email is

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